Drayage Software Features


Enhance your customer interactions with the seamlessly integrated ePORTAL™ within DrayMate TMS. Designed to be an integral part of the dispatch, ePORTAL™ is not just a feature; it's a commitment to efficiency and cost reduction through a transition to a paperless and email-free workflow.

Key ePORTAL™ Features

  • Drop-off Monitoring:
    • Notify customers when a container is dropped in their yard.
    • Alert dispatchers when a drop is ready for pick up.
  • Notifications and ETAs:
    • Provide customers with a live container location view and order status.
    • Deliver ETA notifications for both deliveries and drops.
  • Orders:
    • Empower customers to create new orders, subject to your approval.
    • Easy search functionality for PODs.
  • Document Exchange:
    • Effortlessly exchange various documents, including invoices, pickup requests, and quote requests.

  • Upcoming Features:
    • Soon, drivers will have access to view their past settlements, further enhancing transparency and communication.

ePORTAL™ is a powerful free tool, serving as a valuable asset to strengthen your relationship with customers and drivers while contributing to the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your drayage operations.

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