The easiest workflow for the drayage operations

  1. Track & Trace

    Track & Trace Container
    Automated track and trace API seamlessly update all missing container tracking data as soon as it becomes available from terminals or shippers. You can initiate track and trace manually within the Dispatch or Waybills sections.

    Track & Trace Container
    Terminal-derived data include container availability for pickup, container status (arrived, grounded, customs hold, available for pickup, etc.), actual or estimated arrival times, vessel and voyage details, discharge date, last day of free storage, and more.

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  2. Prepull

    Prepull Container The process of prepulling containers is straightforward within DrayMate.
    We allow bulk prepulls or one-by-one prepulls and multiple yards locations.

    Initiate by dispatching the prepull container to the driver's mobile app from the "Pending" section. Subsequently, in the "En-route" section of the "Dispatch," move the container to your "Yard" section. At this moment, you have the flexibility to place the container in your yard, on the chassis, or position it on the ground while retaining the chassis with the driver.

    DrayMate TMS operates efficiently by automatically recording the prepull move within the order movements and adding the corresponding prepull rate for each customer, simplifying your workflow.

    Once in the yard, you can further enhance your operations by updating the delivery date for each container. This date aligns with the appointment scheduled with the customer for the confirmed delivery, ensuring seamless coordination and customer satisfaction.

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  3. Dispatch

    Drivers mobile app The dispatch dashboard in DrayMate is divided into two sections:
    The "Pending" section serves as a planning tool, allowing you to organize and prioritize orders and providing an overview of the pending orders for the day.
    The "En-Route" section includes all orders dispatched for a specific date, regardless of their destination (a warehouse location, a terminal, or your yard). This section streamlines the tracking of orders currently in progress, offering real-time insights into ongoing operations.

    Dispatch a driver by adding the driver to the order and moving the order to the "En-Route" section. By doing this, the driver receives the entire order data (container numbers, chassis, locations, reference numbers, etc.) and any important notes you've added, all accessible on their mobile device.

    In their mobile app, drivers may update container numbers for exports and chassis numbers or capture the consignee's signature. The system also automates the Proof of Delivery (POD) and waiting time approval, sending them to the designated customer contact for simplified communication and documentation.

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  4. Live, Drop or Yard

    Drop Container Upon moving an order to the "En-route" section, three options become available: Live, Drop, and Yard.

    The "Live" option triggers a notification to the driver. Subsequently, the dispatcher is presented with three alternatives: Drop, Yard, and Return & Complete.

    Choosing the "Drop" option moves the order to the Drops section, providing the choice to preset the return date to the terminal.

    The "Yard" option moves the order to the Yard section, offering the flexibility to place the container on the ground or keep it on the chassis. The dispatcher may then preset the return date. The TMS manages all yard moves (including prepulls) in the background.

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  5. Return & Complete

    Return Container In the "En-route" section, the dispatcher may return the container to the terminal on the same day.

    By choosing the "Return" option, the dispatcher can also switch drivers for the return move. Alternatively, the return move can be skipped (if the same driver will return the container on the same day) by choosing the "Complete" option.

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