Drayage Software Features

Document Management

Our intermodal TMS features a comprehensive Document Manager comprising five components, each tailored for specific purposes:

  • Orders: Attach essential documents like Work Orders (W/O), Proof of Delivery (POD), Equipment Interchange Receipts (EIR), invoices, and more.

  • Customers: Efficiently upload and organize accounting statements, commercial agreements, and other relevant documents associated with your customers.

  • Drivers: Store and manage driver-related documents, including licenses, agreements, and driver settlements.

  • Trucks and Chassis: Maintain organized records for truck and chassis-related files such as repairs, inspections, and other pertinent documents.

  • ePORTAL™: Facilitate seamless interaction with your customers. Enable them to search for orders and PODs effortlessly, create new orders for approval, and engage in document exchanges like invoices, pickup requests, and quote requests.

Key Benefits:

  • Efficiency and Savings:
    Streamline your operations and reduce costs by transitioning to a paperless workflow.

  • Effective Document Control:
    Enhance document tracking and retrieval by categorizing and adding document types during file attachment.

  • Additional Advantages:
    Effortlessly attach an array of files in PDF, image, text, or zip formats, with each upload limited to 50MB for efficient file management.

  • Integrated Approach:
    Uploading documents to each order not only aids in document management but also offers additional benefits. For instance, it enables the bundling of documents, allowing you to send invoices with accompanying POD and EIR in the same PDF file. This integrated approach enhances customer relationships by offering a convenient solution for them to find the right information in a single PDF file.

By leveraging the Document Manager, you empower your team to work more effectively, reduce paperwork, and enhance overall document control in your organization.

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