How to operate your drayage business more efficiently?

Running an intermodal business can be complex and time-consuming, but using the right software can help streamline your operations and increase efficiency. DrayMate TMS Intermodal Software is a comprehensive solution that addresses common problems faced by intermodal businesses, such as communication, speed, and organization.

The need for better communication

Problem: With multiple phone calls, printed paper, and email exchanges required for each shipment, communication can become a bottleneck in your operations.


  1. Implement a centralized system where dispatchers, drivers, and customers can add, view, or update shipment information in real-time.
  2. Use DrayMate TMS intermodal TMS' dispatch screen that contains all of your data for the current day, helping your dispatchers work more efficiently.
  3. Utilize a mobile app for drivers such as xDriver, can improve communication with dispatchers by providing real-time updates on orders and GPS positioning.
  4. Implement a customer login module where customers can see the status of their orders in real-time, reducing the need for them to call for updates.

The need for speed

Problem: Order entry can be time-consuming and mistakes are often made, resulting in delays and wasted resources.


  1. DrayMate TMS intermodal TMS provides a quick entry order system screen that simplifies the process by containing only important fields.
  2. Utilize features such as duplicating orders, creating orders by uploading PDF files received from customers, and importing customer orders from Excel templates can greatly speed up the process.

The need for better organization

Problem: Keeping track of orders, documents, and other important information can be a challenge.


  1. DrayMate TMS intermodal TMS provides a comprehensive system for keeping all of your data in one place.
  2. Easily attach delivery proofs and documents to each order.
  3. Manage your drivers, trucks, and trailers information.
  4. Keep customer contacts organized and on hand.
  5. Set reminders for important dates such as inspections and maintenance expirations.
  6. Search waybills by 19+ search criteria.

Using intermodal software can greatly improves the efficiency of your intermodal/drayage business by providing a centralized, real-time system for communication, speed, and organization. With its all-in-one platform, DrayMate TMS can improve operations and reduce time-consuming, repetitive tasks, increasing productivity and customer satisfaction.

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