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Driver Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps Integration in DrayMate TMS

Our free Android and iOS mobile apps are designed to enhance communication and streamline operations, ensuring convenient interaction between drivers and dispatchers. The apps offer comprehensive integration features, empowering your drivers and facilitating efficient order management.

Key Features

  • Real-time Integration:
    • Fully integrated with the dispatch screen for immediate updates.
    • Allow dispatchers to send important notes with the order.
    • Enable convenient two-way communication between drivers and dispatchers.
  • Order Delivery Optimization:
    • Utilize truck restrictions to display optimized routes.
    • Display Pickup ETA and Delivery ETA on maps.
    • Provide drivers with complete order details, including Pickup/Booking number, weight, appointment time, pickup/delivery locations' opening hours and contacts, etc.
  • Efficient Signature Capture:
    • Automatic approval of waiting time by the customer.
    • Automatically send Proof of Delivery (POD) and Waiting Time details to the customer.
    • Allow drivers to capture consignee's signatures, available on the dispatch screen within 1 minute with an alert to the dispatcher.
  • Upcoming Features:
    • Soon, drivers will be able to take photos and attach them to orders on the TMS (EIR, damaged container, etc.).
    • Removing the check-in and adding GPS timestamps for arrival and departure from customers' locations.
    • Integrated Messaging: for seamless communication between drivers and dispatchers.

Our commitment is to continually enhance your drivers' mobile experience, providing tools that significantly contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of your drayage operations.

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