Drayage Software Features

Order Management

DrayMate TMS is packed with features designed to streamline your operations and tackle common daily challenges. It's your all-in-one solution to reduce manual order entry errors, enhance communication between customer service representatives and dispatchers, and provide faster access to critical information. By adopting DrayMate TMS, you can significantly cut down the time your staff spends on tasks like research, data copying, faxing, and document filing. Going paperless not only saves money but also boosts overall employee efficiency.

  • Entering Orders: You have multiple ways to enter orders, including manual entry, a quick entry screen, duplication, importing from Excel templates, or utilizing a PDF reader/importer.

  • Advanced Order Search Engine: Our system keeps a detailed order history and enables you to search by 19+ criteria, such as container number, P.O. number, driver name, BOL, pickup location, invoice number, and more. The document manager allows you to attach an unlimited number of documents (W/O, POD, EIR) to any order, and these documents can be selected for email transmission along with the invoice in the invoicing section.

  • Manual and Automatic Track and Trace for Pending Orders: In addition to automated container tracking, you can also initiate manual requests to port/rail terminals by manually selecting the desired waybills.

  • Scheduling Orders for Dispatch: You can set appointments with customers, schedule prepulls, and approve customer-sent orders through the ePORTAL™.

  • Additional Functionality: Our TMS provides additional capabilities, including sending orders via email, generating orders in PDF format, and duplicating orders.

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