Drayage Software Features

Driver & Fleet Management

DrayMate TMS offers robust driver and fleet management capabilities, ensuring streamlined operations and efficient oversight of your workforce and assets.


In addition to standard driver data, the TMS allows you to input extra information, such as payment details and additional pay/accessorial charges settings. Moreover, you can seamlessly attach unlimited driver-related documents, including driver's licenses, agreements, and driver's settlements.

  • Free Mobile App Access:
    Drivers have complimentary access to their mobile app, facilitating convenient interaction with dispatchers and enabling them to update container numbers, chassis, and obtain client signatures.

  • Critical Dates Tracking:
    Efficiently monitor essential driver details, including license expiration dates, associated trucks, and driver classification (employee, broker, or external company).

  • Operational Status:
    Easily mark drivers as on/off duty or on vacation, streamlining overall workforce management.

  • Upcoming Feature:
    An upcoming addition to DrayMate TMS will provide a dedicated ePORTAL™ section for drivers to access and review their past settlements online.

Trucks and Chassis

  • Structured Record-Keeping:
    Maintain well-organized records for truck and chassis-related documentation, enabling unlimited uploads for seamless information storage.

  • Fleet Dates Tracking:
    Stay on top of important fleet dates, such as inspections, maintenance schedules, insurance renewal dates for trucks, and inspection and maintenance dates for chassis.

  • Chassis Management:
    Effectively manage chassis dropped at client locations or in your yard within the dispatch. Keep informed about chassis availability and calculate per diem charges for chassis detention before invoicing through the validation section.

  • Operational Status:
    Mark trucks and chassis as under repair, active, or inactive, ensuring accurate tracking of fleet assets.

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