Why do you need an intermodal dispatch software?

In today's market, any intermodal transport company would struggle to survive without a reliable software solution. It is crucial to choose a software that can address common intermodal problems such as container tracking and reminders for important industry dates like ETA, last day of free storage, detention, or demurrage dates. The question you may ask yourself is, "Why is my current system isn't good anymore?". The answer is simple: the profit margin for each load is lower than ever, and to meet the profits made in the previous year, you must work harder.

This increase in workload translates to more paperwork, and management of new orders, clients, and drivers. Furthermore, it highlights the need for increased efficiency in your business. Our software provides a solution to this problem by helping you to become more organized with your clients, drivers, equipment, orders, and invoicing.

It is important to remember that any intermodal dispatch software should not only help your business but also save you money and providing a return on investment.

First things first. How to choose an intermodal dispatch software?

When determining the need for an intermodal dispatch solution, it is important to evaluate your specific needs and compare them to the features offered by the software. Consider if the software's features align with the needs of your intermodal business and whether they effectively address important industry-related issues, such as container tracking and reminders for important dates like ETA, last day of free storage, detention, or demurrage.

It is also important to consider the flexibility of the software and its ability to adapt to the unique needs of your business. Additionally, ensure that the software is user-friendly and not overly complicated with unnecessary features.

Lastly, be mindful of the software provider's policies on updates and customer feedback. Does the provider offer free lifetime updates and are they open to listening to and implementing customer suggestions?

What to choose? Windows or Web-based software?

Choosing between Windows and web-based software is a matter of personal preference. Both types of software can accomplish similar tasks, but there are a few key considerations to keep in mind.

First, think about the initial cost and the time required to start using the software. Additionally, consider the ongoing cost of maintaining the software. Web-based software tends to have more flexibility and allows you to access your data from anywhere with a simple, secure login.

If you have multiple offices, the cost of installing and maintaining Windows software can be quite high. Windows software needs to be installed locally on each user's machine and connected to the main server. This requires ongoing surveillance and IT support to fix any issues that arise.

On the other hand, web-based software does not have installation costs and typically has a steady cost for maintenance. It works like an email login. You can access it by opening a browser from anywhere in the world, going to a secure SSL website, and entering your email and password. This eliminates the need for technicians and servers to manage. It also gives you the opportunity to lower the cost of your operations.

Turn-key Intermodal Software?

When considering a switch to an intermodal software, it is important to consider the impact it may have on your operations and your employees' daily routine. However, the benefits of such a change, such as increased efficiency and organization, ultimately outweigh any potential implementation difficulties.

Adapting to new technology and ways of doing business is essential for any company's success. DrayMate TMS understands this, and offers a turn-key solution to ensure a smooth transition. Our team will take all of your needs into account during the implementation phase, analyzing your workflow and providing free training for your employees.

Additionally, we offer free dedicated support to ensure that any technical challenges are addressed promptly and effectively. Our aim is to make the transition as seamless as possible, including data entry, employee training, and ongoing support. With our assistance, your business will be better equipped to meet profit margins and keep pace with industry demands.

Operations. Will the intermodal software help me solve my operation problems?

Do you spend a lot of time on the phone with your drivers? Our mobile app (compatible with iPhone and Android) that is connected to the intermodal dispatch software can reduce communication between drivers and dispatchers by up to 85%, allowing you to be more productive.

Do you have a lot of paperwork to file? Are you working late evenings to organize your documents and prepare tomorrow's orders and appointments? DrayMate TMS makes it easier to save and enter order information, find orders and clients, or schedule appointments, saving you time on data entry. With DrayMate TMS, you can also duplicate orders in bulk, keep a record of your order history, or attach documents to orders, clients, or drivers.

Do you have trouble collecting payments from your clients? Do you sometimes forget to bill for deliveries? DrayMate TMS can alert you when it's time to collect payments or remind you of any deliveries that have not yet been billed, helping you to solve cash flow issues.

Do you keep track of expiration dates? DrayMate TMS can keep track of insurance expiration dates, inspection due dates, and drivers' license expiration dates and provide you with warnings when data needs to be updated. This can help you avoid fines for forgotten renewals.

Have you been asked to file reports for your clients? For example, how many containers have you delivered per month or year? DrayMate TMS allows you to create such reports with just a few clicks, allowing you to present a professional image to your clients.

Do you have a system to keep all your client and route contact information organized? If you need a POD for a past completed order (for example, 1 to 6 months ago), how easy is it for you to find it? DrayMate TMS keeps all your client, order, and route data together, allowing you to access information more quickly when you need it.

What about web-based software security?

Is my data secure and backed-up? Yes, your data is protected by SSL encryption and backed up twice a day.

Is this backup process automated? Yes, the process is automated, but backup files are checked manually every day to ensure that there are no surprises.

How quickly can my data be restored in the event of a disaster? As a web-based app, the restoration time for your system can take between 45 minutes and 3 hours, depending on the type of disaster.

Do I have to pay for backup? No, the backup it is included in your monthly fee.

Software Support

We are here to support your intermodal trucking company at every step. From entering your data and training your personnel, to providing after-sale free dedicated support. What does our support include? How much support will you need to pay for? And how do you access support? Here are the answers: Customer Service

Questions or comments?

If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to contact us at info [at] draymate.com or join the Intermodal Business Alliance group on LinkedIn. We're here to help you succeed and make your life easier.